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You were

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Categoria: Inglês
You were
Maria Josiene
You were like ray to curt the sky
but fly away.
You were like a smell that inebriate
but in same instant run away.
You were the mistake more right that I could commit.
But, love you made me very much suffer and of I to want forget you, though.I only think in you... I need you!
You were the man more crazy and more rational that I know yet.
Each Day I Loud Secret Our Night.
Night of love...
But I never thought that I'll go lose you.
I never thought that you been the mistake that I want commit always.And now I can't forget you.
You were the better and the wrong love that I had.
You were and you'll be aways the man that not see the fire burning me.
You were the beauty and the beast.
You were all for me, If I have you I have it all.
Why you don't see hte love that i feel for you?