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One day... who knows?

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Categoria: Inglês
One day... who knows?

One day I´ll go on a journey to explore the mysteries your body conceals, and it will end only when I get to my true destination – your heart.
Although traveling through a sea of strong waves is somewhat unpredictable I feel I should have a plan, a route to follow.
It starts with a moment of pure contemplation when I look into your eyes, slowly going down to your smile – the most beautiful smile I´ve ever seen in a man´s face. In doing that I get the vibes of your consent, exactly at the moment I´m already longing to touch you, to feel your skin on my skin. So, my trip goes on while my arms guide my fingers through your hair towards the back of your neck. Once there, with you in complete surrender, streams of desire cause our feelings to overflow making us attracted to each other in perfect harmony. That´s when I let myself go diving deeper down to reach the path that leads to my so desired treasure.