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Better be off

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Categoria: Inglês
Better be off
Sometimes you are feeling so happy because that someone is into you. You feel the same way for him, and you're sure his feelings for you are true. So you start to imagine so many good things in your life, for example, kissing him, touching him, holding him...but be careful because life is unfair with those who fall in love for someone. Life doesn't want to see you happy, so be off about this feeling of passion.
There's a lyric that says exactly what I'm passing through. It's like this:
You came and I found out passion
In a moment shake my heart
You touch me and I can't stop anymore
I can't wait to give me to you
Thank you, I thank God above about this love between you and me
I know I'm in love
It was an angel that came in the right time
I don't know I'm writing this but I just wanna be sure that I'm not in love. boys and girls protect your heart.
Don't hurt yourselves
Love doesn't pay